Aerospace Special Processes Suppliers Summit 2020

October 12-14, 2021

St Louis, MO, USA

  • The aerospace special processing market is facing significant challenges related to increasing demand, industry consolidation and greater environmental requirements. At the same time these challenges present tremendous opportunity for companies who understand industry needs and can bring together the right mix of capabilities, location and capacity. We are pleased to participate in this important industry event, working closely with suppliers to ensure this important segment of our supply chain continues to meet our needs. Please join us.


    Mark Cleary - Director - Chemical Technology & Product Standards Office - Boeing Research & Technology

  • We welcome you to Missouri in October! Critical for aerospace special processes is the training of workers in quality assurance, management standards, and materials. The Center for Aerospace Manufacturing Technologies at the University of Missouri Science and Technology is one example of how Missouri is creating a fertile environment for aerospace companies. This national center of excellence is developing innovative advanced technologies and strengthening the aerospace manufacturing supply chain. Missouri, with its rich history in aerospace and innovation, is a great location to host this important suppliers summit. Come visit our incredible companies, experience our hospitality, meet industry leaders, and forge new partnerships. It will be an exciting and productive summit!

    Missouri Partnership

    Dennis Pruitt - Vice President, Business Development - Missouri Partnership

    Missouri Partnership

What is Aerospace Special Processes Suppliers Summit?

ASPSS is a unique venue in the US and offers a matchmaking event dedicated to surface treatment and finishing capabilities for aerospace manufacturing. The event focuses on chemical processes, heat treatment, materials testing, surface enhancement and related services.

ASPSS is an opportunity for manufacturing engineers, fabrication, supply chain teams and vetted suppliers to come together through approved and pre-arranged meetings. Visitors will not be accepted. Typical distractions will be a NO-SHOW.

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  • 10 Countries

  • Requirements meet technologies and capabilities

    • 3 000+ pre-arranged meetings
    • 200 exhibiting companies

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